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Inspired by the beauty of the colder season, the new Svernare collection channels everything we’ve come to love about Bianca Lorenne but with a contemporary twist. This range showcases Bianca Lorenne’s affinity for sumptuous textures, hand-painted florals and luxe embellishments contrasted with the introduction of modern & sophisticated weaves. We caught up with Alison from Bianca Lorenne who filled us in on the story behind this new and very exciting collection.

Bianca Lorenne styled shot giardino gold

What was the inspiration for this collection?

Our Svernare collection means “to spend the winter” in Italian. Our inspiration came from the misty mornings, long nights spent in front of the glowing fire, fallen leaves and all the natural beauty that the colder season celebrates. Winter for us is all about hibernating into a cocoon of cosiness and preparing to emerge revitalised after the long cold months and what better way to do that then by snuggling yourself up under lush layers and wrapping up in cosy winter nightwear and woollen slippers.

We love the mix of florals contrasted with contemporary woven pieces. Can you tell us more about that?

There are two subtle sides to our Svernare collection. We have the classic side with the beautiful floral hand-painted prints and luxe velvets which we are known for, and we also have presented a more contemporary side. We focused on interesting weaves this season so our contemporary side progressed from those sophisticated fabrics we love being matched perfectly with a contemporary design and colour palette to reach a wider audience.

Bianca Lorenne sottobosco with tramonto

How have you achieved ‘luxe cosiness’?

It is a balancing act of mixing the right textures with the right hues and it’s all in the small finishing details. The mix of rich, warm colours, luxurious velvets and alpaca wool finished with tassels, trims and fringing add the ultimate luxe touch ensures an inviting ambience is created in your nest.

Bianca Lorenne rigare with luchesi copper and ambiente

Can you elaborate on the colours used this season?

Our colour palette was heavily influenced by the moments you take during the winter to step outside and appreciate your surroundings. The variation of colour through the fallen leaves inspired the hues of rich warm copper, antique gold and walnut, and the winter flowers such as chrysanthemums and delicate hellebores inspired a rich, deep fuschia. Of course we have also included our favourite winter blues with a soft smoke blue and moody indigo as a cosy classic.

Bianca Lorenne giardino indigo comforter

Do you have a favourite design from this collection?

Our favourite design from this collection must be our Giardino print! Carefully hand-painted by our talented artist, it truly celebrates winters treasures and brings them into the home. Sculptural fern fronds nestle amongst an arrangement of early winter flowering spider chrysanthemums and hellebores. We consider it the hero piece to tie all those rich winter tones together in harmony.

Shop the Bianca Lorenne Svernare collection online now or visit us in store and let our home linen consultants help you put together the perfect combination for your home.

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