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Spring mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattresses on the market, and for good reason! Spring mattresses support the body via a network of coils that is either connected (innerspring) or individually wrapped (pocket spring). Combined with innovative comfort layers, spring mattresses provide a supportive and comfortable sleeping environment.

BRConnoisseur 3 Dropin Plush LIFESTYLE

What are the benefits of an inner spring mattress?

An inner spring mattress has of system of coils that are all interconnected. When pressure is applied to the mattress all the springs react together. This provides a supportive and active feeling mattress that is responsive to movement.

At McKenzie & Willis we sell the world’s most advanced innerspring bed by Sealy – The Sealy Crown Jewel Regal Grandeur Ultra Plush Bed. Designed with the help of the Orthopaedic Advisory Board, the Sealy Crown Jewel Regal Grandeur Ultra Plush bed features the ReSTii support system. This Posturepedic Rest support system is made with titanium alloy with three layers of staged support to cradle every part of the body and provide deep down support. The coil columns are aligned in an alternating pattern across the mattress to reduce surface motion and to help deliver a perfect night’s sleep.

Exquisite Unicased 2015 DOM

Cross-section showing the Sealy Posturepedic innerspring system with Unicased XT® edge support

What are the benefits of a pocket spring mattress?

On the other hand, a pocket spring mattress contains individually wrapped pocket coils that can move independently of each other. If weight is applied to one part of the bed, only those coils will move. This has the benefit of minimizing movement and significantly reducing partner disturbance.

Generally the more pocket coils a bed has, the more comfortable and motion controlled it is. At McKenzie & Willis our most advanced pocket spring bed is the Beautyrest Connoisseur Bed. The Connoisseur features 2 rows of individual pocket springs one on top of the other to deliver the ultimate in support and motion reduction.

BR Connoisseur III

Cross-section of the Beautyrest Connoisseur Bed featuring two rows of individual pocket springs.

What is the right type of mattress for me?

This will depend greatly on your individual requirements, lifestyle, health and budget. Try our online bed selector to narrow down your choice or get in touch for a personalised in store bed consultation with our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our bed consultants will go through a thorough bed fitting process, offering tips, tricks and advice for a better night’s sleep!

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