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Well regarded for their beautiful and high quality blinds, Luxaflex are also known as pioneers for new technology. Their possibilities for motorisation, voice control and automation go beyond aesthetics for the ultimate in a smarter home.

Luxaflex Rollershade Sunscreens


It all starts with motorisation. Luxaflex offer numerous options for motorised blinds, catering to a wide range of budgets and requirements. For new builds it is recommended to go for a wired in version as these require little to no maintenance over their lifetime and can be connected to home automation systems. There are options for super quiet motors as well as strong, heavy-duty motors that can control very large blinds and everything in between.

In the case of an existing home or where pre-wiring is not possible, battery-powered motorisation is the perfect solution. No electrician is required for these motors and there is even the choice of a motor powered by solar rechargeable batteries.

Luxaflex Rollershade Light Filtering Rolleshades

Voice control

Luxaflex have always been at the forefront of technology but it is their latest collaboration with Somfy that brings about their most exciting innovation to date: Voice Control.

Using either Google or Alexa, Somfy Connexoon allows you to control your blinds using simple voice commands. Imagine going to be at night and saying “Alexa, Goodnight” or “OK, Google launch movie scenario” for your blinds to then close on their own. Voice control propels Luxaflex blinds in to the future, leading the way for a truly smarter home.


Somfy Connexoon also allows for complete automation of your blinds from the most world’s most convenient remote – your smartphone. Even when you are away from home, you can control your blinds and set them at your preferred position for privacy, light control and energy efficiency.

You can schedule your blinds to open and close at particular times of the day with endless possibilities for automation. Whether you want your blinds to open at 6am to gently wake you or you want them to close when the sun is at its peak, the choice is yours.

Visit your nearest showroom to find out all about this incredible technology and to see motorised Luxaflex blinds in action. Our expert consultants can work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs, helping you achieve a smarter home.

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