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Sometimes the process of designing for yourself can be hard and full of self-doubt but for interior designer Vicki Patrick the process was liberating. Her industrial take on this new build is every bit inspiring and testament to her enviable interior design style.

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design5

How would you describe the overall interior design scheme?

Soft industrial with eclectic touches. Being a new build we were conscious of it becoming just another cookie cutter home. We wanted to add a bit of personality but not so much that others couldn’t put their stamp on it in the future.

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design3

We think you’ve done an amazing job of achieving the soft industrial look. Can you tell us what the key elements of this style are?

When designing the home we made sure we showed off the structural elements of the house. The exposed beams, barn doors and high ceilings all added to the look while the earthy and moody colour palette softened it. Floaty sheer curtains and luxuriously soft carpet also toned down the otherwise masculine aesthetic.

Were there any special pieces/elements that you loved about this interior?

Aside from all the gorgeous wallpaper and window furnishings, I really loved the timber used in the kitchen and bathroom. We sourced this from an old hotel in Kaikoura after the earthquakes and turned it into bench tops. It brought a lovely rustic feel to the space and created a real feeling of authenticity and originality.

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design2

Tell us a bit more about your flooring choices. Why did you choose Smartstrand carpet and Karndean Vinyl Plank?

The SmartStrand Ingenious flair carpet is a hardwearing carpet with a slightly longer pile. I love how it added a soft and textural element to the scheme and of course you can’t go past its stain resistant qualities!

The Karndean Art Select Vinyl Plank flooring fulfilled our wish for the look of dark wood floors and is great acoustically. Being such a big area with large windows we wanted to make sure our flooring choice took this into consideration. It’s also great for wet areas – perfect for the kitchen.

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design6

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design8

You’ve used a lot of different Luxaflex blinds and window treatments. How did you get it to all work together?

I think people can be afraid to match different styles of blinds but they shouldn’t be! In our home we used a combination of motorised Luxaflex light filtering rollerblinds, shutters and woodmates as well as sheer curtains with separate linings on a double track. They each served a purpose and all worked together to achieve the overall style we were going for. Luxaflex make it easy with their wide range of customisable choices and we managed to tie all the different styles together through colour.

Why did you decide to go with motorised Luxaflex rollershades?

Like many new builds, our home had lots of windows so it made sense to choose motorisation. Right from the beginning we planned to have motorised Luxaflex blinds which meant we could pre-wire it (if pre-wiring isn’t an option then the battery powered Luxaflex Q-motion is a fantastic alternative!). It was such a practical and obvious choice for us and we really love the high tech convenience motorisation brought to our home.

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design4

We love your wallpaper choices. What made you decide on wallpaper over paint?

Wallpaper has definitely made a comeback over the last few years and with so many options available there’s something for everyone. Wallpaper allows you to add a bit of personality to a room and can really set the tone of a space. Its best used sparingly though. Pick a couple of your favourites and go from there.

McKenzie and Willis Interior Design7

Do you have a favourite room?

This is going to sound a bit weird but I absolutely love the toilet! The room had no natural light and so instead of fighting this we decided to play up the dark and moody look. We used a beautiful wallpaper from Cole & Sons called Jungle Palm and finished the space with an industrial style coach light.

Any tips or parting advice?

When designing your home don’t be afraid of choosing wallpapers, fabrics and flooring that you really love. I 100% believe that homes should reflect our personalities and work for our lifestyle. In my opinion a house full of character and soul is much better than a sterile showhome!

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