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In this series we will be giving you a glimpse into the places our designers and team call home. Take a tour and gain a personal insight into some of the treasured interiors of our team. We hope it fills you with inspiration!

This week’s blog features the home of Sarah Shore, Interior Sales Consultant for McKenzie & Willis Wanaka. Based on the concept of a ‘Modern Barn’, Sarah’s home is the perfect combination of warm timber elements, industrial features and plenty of texture!

Sarah 1

How would you describe the Interior Design style of your home?

The exterior of my home was designed to look like a Modern Barn, whilst the interior is a family home that has a warm contemporary feel with industrial features.

Sarah 19

What drew you to this style?

We built our home 4 years ago and the two storey barn style was and still is a favourite look of mine. I was inspired by images found in magazines and Pinterest but also we are so fortunate to live in Central Otago where the architecture is vast and we are constantly seeing beautiful homes being built around us to inspire.

Sarah 21

How have you added character/interest to a new build?

I love the use of different natural materials, so we introduced elements of timber, steel and concrete surfaces to create this look.

We used dark stained plywood to add a great feature wall through our living area and up the stairway. This is not just a great visual but is also warm and durable in a family home and is a great backdrop to the steel stairs.

The interior of our previous home we built was large and very white, I wanted to bringing in warm natural textures and colours to make this home more cosy and less sterile.

Along with the dark industrial kitchen, steel fireplace and stairs I have added comfortable furnishings, accessories and artwork to my home that are my own personal style and soften the industrial edge.

Timber elements are an important feature of your interior. What’s the secret to mixing different types of wood?

There is no hard and fast rule when mixing different types of wood, my advice would be make sure the timber colours complement each rather than trying to match them. Should two timber surfaces meet and not complement well then you can break these up. For example you can put a rug under a timber dining table when you have timber floors.

Sarah 8

We love your guest powder room. Tell us a little more about that?

My guest powder room was a fun shock element. I fell in love with this Arte wallpaper and knew I would use it. I love that the surprise glam creates a total juxtaposition to the rest of our home. The builders thought I was mad but when they saw the final result they totally got it!

Sarah 18

Sarah 16

Do you have a favourite space in your home and why?

I have many! The upstairs snug which is still a work in progress hence it is not pictured, the stairs which tie my home together and my incredible kitchen.

I wanted a dark kitchen and something a bit different, so with the help of a good friend of mine, Melanie Craig (who is an amazing kitchen designer), we came up with a great working and entertainment space that I am thrilled with. I sourced the industrial islands separately; these are on castors and can be recreated into a square when required for entertaining. The large 900 x 900 tiles on the splashblack provided the perfect urban loft look. People gravitate to kitchens and ours is no exception.

Sarah 9

Tell us about some of your most loved pieces in your home?

My Vincent Shepherd Gipsy Cocoon chairs are a favourite of mine, I originally purchased them for an outdoor area but found them so comfortable I made room inside. They add another textural element with their weave and being made from the outdoor durable polyethylene wicker material they are bullet proof.

You will often find me curled up on the one under my stairs, with a good book and a cup of coffee or glass of Maude chardonnay.

Sarah 14

One last piece of advice?

Add texture! Using texture in your home gives it visual weight and comfort, and also makes your home look finished. Without texture a space can look flat and incomplete. It’s important however to make sure you don’t clutter.

Texture can be added in so many ways, by using fabrics, furniture, accessories, layering, rugs, plants, art and lighting. Adding texture takes time, you should use favourite items, family treasures, good memory pieces and if buying new then purchase pieces that really speak to you, don’t go out and buy it if you don’t love it.

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