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In this series we will be giving you a glimpse into the places our designers & team call home. Take a tour and gain a personal insight into some of the treasured interiors of our team. We hope it fills you with inspiration!

This week’s blog features the home of Jayne Cross-Hunter, Furniture Category Manager for McKenzie & Willis. Rustic with warmth emulating from the design and architectural details, Jayne’s home is filled with timeless furniture pieces and collected treasures.

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How would you describe the Interior Design style of your home?

I would describe it as transitional – a calming and relaxed space that manages to feel warm and inviting. I love the unfinished rawness in many of the elements in this home, from the slate flooring throughout the dining area and kitchen, to the exposed beams in the roof.

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What drew you to this home when you bought it?

I was really drawn to the original details. I remember when I first walked into this house, I thought ‘I’m painting all those wooden window frames!’ But once I moved in I fell in love with them and I think they are a really important element of the house. They allow it to mould into the land and bring so much of the outside in. The slate flooring reminds me of an old Italian villa and it feels so inviting.

Tell us about your pieces of art and collected items?

Being English I think it’s in my DNA to love navy blue, you can see that in each of the rooms and it’s probably my favourite accent colour. I find it really hard to walk past a ceramic shop and not buy something either blue or white. I also love what wood can do when it’s aged over time, even a twig or old bark can look beautiful when mixed with something soft and it brings so much texture into a room.

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Do you have a favourite space in your home and why?

I love the outdoor areas, they really feel as if you’re in a private retreat. Inside I love when you sit on the sofa and look up at the 6-metre vaulted ceiling; the lines on the roof and the distance from where you are remind me of being in a city in Europe and looking down an alleyway to find more beyond.

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What are your most loved pieces in your home?

It has to be the table for life by Bleu Nature. We put the built in seating here so it can be a second lounge or somewhere you spend time with friends and family and kick back. I’ve always loved built in seating, it always been my favourite place to sit in a restaurant so I guess I leant towards this for the dining area. I asked a good friend Cameron Grey to make the base with similar lines to the table and then made the seat cushions myself by using duck down cushion inners made to order. The padded seat back I made myself in the garage. There is lots of texture at play in this area which is important with the stark white walls and marble table, but I think it works.

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You have a few furniture items that have been custom made for your home. Tell us about those?

I highly recommend investing in bespoke floating shelves. Ours are from Evo Interiors and were custom made to fit the alcove in the front room. I don’t think I would ever be able to find readymade shelving units that achieve the same effect.

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Interior Design is always evolving. What are your future plans for your interior?

With this house it’s about taking it back to its original splendour but with an update. I really like the mix of new homes with treasured antique pieces and vice versa.

This house is 40 years old but we are seeing many of its original materials such as slate and timber popping up in modern builds, particularly in America and Europe. We want to remodel the bathrooms and I’ve seen some fantastic modern bathrooms using the same slate throughout.

I would also like to update the kitchen. The kitchen is so central to this house that it needs to be perfect; it’s going to be a very considered project when the time comes to update it. We will work with the slate floors, wooden frames and timber ceiling to ensure the new kitchen complements and brings out the best in the house design.

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What makes a home a ‘home’?

Somewhere you can really live in, somewhere others can come and feel relaxed instantly. To me a home has a sense of calm.

One last piece of advice?

Surround yourself with things you love. From travel to life experiences to something that’s very special to you. In these times nothing beats creature comforts, be sure of what yours are and work with them. As far as furniture is concerned, don’t rush. Instead buy pieces that really speak to you, even if you have to save for it, a considered buy will last you so much longer and give you much more joy.

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