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No matter what you’re celebrating or if you’re giving “just because”, we’ve hand-picked eight of our best gift ideas for less than $150. Whether your loved one is a man, woman, child, or pet, we’ve thought of something for everyone. Read on for inspiration!


Henry Dean vases are works of art on their own; they don’t even need to hold floral arrangements to add a splash of colour and glamour. Each piece is mouth blown and shaped using traditional wooden moulds, and each time the mould is used, it burns out slightly, adding to the glassware’s unique handmade quality. Colour and texture is explored, lending a contemporary look to a classic item. Pictured left to right; Henry Dean Clemantine Vase, Henry Dean Cylinder Vase Medium, and Henry Dean Cylinder Vase Small.

IMG 1331


MM Linen Cushions are endlessly versatile and have a place in most rooms of the house. Take cues from your intended recipient’s existing décor and choose something that compliments their style. Living room, bedroom, guest room, the possibilities are endless, and we have a cushion to suit everyone’s taste. Shop all cushions under $150 online here.

Pg 01 Cover

Home Fragrance

Home fragrance comes in many forms now. Scented candles are a classic, but diffusers are a fuss-free way to scent an interior and keep it smelling lovely all day long. With a range of fragrances inspired by the landscapes and flora of Tuscany, Erbario Toscano Diffusers are also a stunning statement piece with their glass bottles and jewel tones. Shop all Erbario Toscano here.

Erbario Toscano 1L and 250ml Diffuser group shot

Bean Chair

The MM Linen Kalo Outdoor Bean Chair is perfect for lounging inside and out this summer. Add a MM Linen Outdoor Cushion for the finishing touch. Popular among teenagers and adults alike, they’ll be competing with the dog and cat for these. Shop instore & online here.

Pg 79 Kalo Bean chair Group 2

Eye Mask

While masks might be the last thing you want to think about, the MM Linen Silk Eye Mask is the type of mask you want to wear to get a restful sleep anywhere. Generously sized and made of luxurious 100% mulberry silk, these are great for travel or everyday use at home. Pair it with a MM Linen Silk Cosmetic Pouch to create a customised gift set. Shop here.


Wash Cloth Set

Bianca Lorenne pieces are the epitome of luxury and style born out of a true passion for creating gorgeous bed linen and all things beautiful. The versatile Bianca Lorenne Lavette Face Cloth Set is made from 100% soft cotton, ideal for use as a face cloth or in the kitchen. Sold as a set of three in beautiful complimentary colours, you can’t go wrong with these. Shop here.

Bianca Lorenne Lavette Washers

Silk Pillowcase

For the beauty aficionado in your life, silk pillowcases are the latest must-have beauty tool for minimising friction on your skin and hair. Silk creates less friction against the hair follicle than cotton or linen therefore reduces frizz and breakage. MM Linen Silk Pillowcase creates a luxuriously smooth and breathable surface for sleeping on. Shop here.



An ever practical gift that will come in especially handy in the summer with the extra swims and guests, you can put together a collection of luxury towels with MM Linen Tusca collection. Made from premium Portuguese Cotton, these towels are uniquely beautiful with their intense hues reflecting the vibrant tones of the sea, sky, and land. Shop here.

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