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Ever since showcasing our Hackthorne Gardens project we’ve been dreaming of its luxe interior details. With its plush carpets, sumptuous textures and gorgeous metallic accents, Hackthorne Gardens epitomises the luxury look. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you create that luxury hotel feeling in your own living area. Our curtain & blind sale deals also continue in store so now’s a great time to update your space and indulge in a mini makeover of your home.


Custom made curtains
A living area should be your sanctuary, so why not add a touch of luxury to a space we spend a great deal of our lives in. An important aspect of any interior are your window treatments. For the most elegant look, choose full length curtains that puddle on the floor. At McKenzie & Willis we have a wide range of fabrics that we can custom make into curtains and blinds. Try a velvet from the James Dunlop Velluti range or an intricate and detailed fabric from the Harlequin Purity collection. Make sure you also consider the placement of your curtains. Full length curtains installed at least 10cm above your window will make your ceilings look higher – ultimately giving you the illusion of a grander space.


A Velvet Couch
Nothing else gives a room a feeling of luxury more so than a velvet sofa. Attending to your sense of touch, a velvet sofa will be a glamorous focal point of your living area. Look for a gorgeously soft velvet, contrasted by a bold art deco silhouette. The Kovacs Grace Sofa is a sophisticated and sumptuous example of such a sofa and will add a romantic look to any interior.

Mirrors are among the best interior design hacks known to the industry. With careful consideration of placement, they can be utilised to visually expand a space. Not only will a mirror add depth to a room, but it will also increase the sense of luxury in your space. The frame is also important and can add richness to a space. Select frames with gold or silver metallic finishes for an opulent feel.


Although often overlooked, the type of flooring you choose is key to achieving a luxurious finish in your lounge. Consider a plush high pile carpet such as Cavalier Bremworth Champs Elysees. With its thick pile and velvet-like appearance, Champ Elysees absolutely exudes indulgence. If you aren’t able to change the carpet then opt for an oversized rug with a beautiful texture or striking geometric design.


Cushions & Throws
Finish your space with a collection of cushions and throws in mix of sumptuous textures. Choose cushions and throws in lush furs, velvets and silks. Mixing materials & prints will create an abundantly rich look. Try pairing the Harlequin Momentum velvet with the Harlequin Radial fabric pictured above.

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