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Like most things in life, interior design has not been immune to the turbulent events of 2020. As we enter 2021, the pandemic has had a direct effect on the way we design our interiors, most notably in the growing appreciation for the creature comforts of our homes. As hope dawns on the year ahead, the interior design trends we have forecasted all encapsulate this idea in their own small way.

Kovacs Henley SofaKovacs Henley Sofa

Nostalgic Yearnings

Our yearning for the good old days will be a central theme this year and one we predict will heavily influence our interiors. This nod to the past won’t mean stuffy spaces filled with antiques, rather old will meet new for a timeless aesthetic. Interiors will evolve with us, blurring the line between contemporary and traditional and giving modern spaces ‘soul’ with a collected look. Styles from different eras will be all rolled into one and used to provide contrast to each other, sometimes even within one piece. Expect to see unusual combinations such as sofas with a traditional English styled rolled arm paired with a decidedly modern silhouette.

Ethnicraft Studio SofaEthnicraft Studio Sofa

New Minimalism

New minimalism moves away from stark white interiors without an accessory in sight towards meaningful and curated spaces. Although still pared back with few decorations, this new take on minimalism places an emphasis on forever items such as a beautiful piece of art, one-off handmade pieces or treasured books. In the absence of clutter, these pieces are allowed to shine, imbuing a quiet sense of luxury and meaning to a space. New minimalism is welcoming and homely; it is not cold or devoid of personality. Natural materials are central to this trend and imperfections are celebrated. Expect to see lots of wood, linen, leather and natural stone in a warm colour palette of neutrals in the coming year.

Harlequin Mirador Fabric CollectionHarlequin Mirador Fabric Collection

Reactive Maximalism

In direct response to the minimalist aesthetic and decades of ‘safe’ interiors, a brave and daring maximalist design trend is emerging. As we spend more time at home we are becoming less afraid and more adventurous of showing our personality through our interiors. We are seeing a move towards layered spaces with an abundance of pattern and texture, coloured in a rich and bold colour palette. Scale is important and so is consistency; it may seem like ‘anything goes’ but these spaces really become magic when they are anchored by design rules. Wallpaper is being requested often, with small nooks and powder rooms giving us a chance to let our imagination go wild.

Harbour Pier Outdoor ArmchairHarbour Pier Outdoor Armchair

Outdoor Oasis

We may not be able to go on holiday this year but we can still create a sanctuary at home. This is especially true for our outdoor spaces which are becoming the go to spot for entertaining and enjoying time with family this summer. With these places becoming an extension of our living space, we expect them to reflect the comfort and style of indoors more and more. Comfort is a top priority, with relaxed outdoor lounges that double as a place for casual dining being favoured. Outdoor rugs, cushions and accessories are an important factor in creating a luxe outdoor space and will add a little personality. Exterior shutters, outdoor blinds and awnings also help to achieve that outdoor room feel while providing shelter from the elements and light control.

You will also see a little bit of this outdoor oasis venturing inside with tropical inspired wallpapers, plants and green in every hue making an appearance.

David Shaw Arnold ArmchairDavid Shaw Arnold Chair

Cocooning Comfort

There has been a movement back to basics that is all about comfort and relaxation. We are increasingly finding ourselves seeking refuge from a hectic world and our homes provide a safe place to retreat. Cocooning comfort is not loud nor is it busy. It is calm with soft, organic shapes and colours inspired by nature. Deep sofas with plush cushions designed for lounging are proving popular and we are seeing the return of curves, not just in furniture frames but in fabric designs and accessories.

Cavalier Bremworth Pebble CarpetCavalier Bremworth Pebble Carpet

Sustainability and Supporting Local

Now more than ever it is important to support local. As the pandemic rages around the world, it has been heart-warming to see the desire to buy NZ made very much increase. We are fortunate to have many talented local makers and creators who are driving innovation and leading the way with design in our own backyard. This of course goes hand in hand with sustainability as we ask more questions about where our products come from and look for natural materials from earth-friendly, cruelty-free resources.

If you would like help designing your own unique interior you can book an in home consultation here. Drawing inspiration from the latest trends with access to the top New Zealand and international furniture and design houses we will work with you to combine your ideas and our expertise into a truly beautiful and inspiring space.

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