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The outdoor season is upon us! Time for relaxing with friends and family as the sun goes down, alfresco dining and enjoying all that summer has to offer.

With the rest of the world experiencing record summers this year, why not consider giving your outdoor space a makeover? After all, with all those sunny daylight hours you will likely spend more time outdoors than in.

To help you with styling your outdoor space, our furniture experts reveal all the top outdoor living trends for the year ahead.

Jati Belvedere 2

Multi-use spaces

Informal seating areas that serve a number of different purposes are taking over the outdoor furniture scene this year. Multi-use spaces maximize an area and are particularly good for smaller courtyards where space is a premium. With smaller spaces, every piece of furniture needs to work hard so choose pieces that can serve different functions. A corner sofa such as the Jati & Kebon Belvedere can be paired with the Jati & Kebon Belvedere Coffee Table to create an outdoor area for both lounging and informal dining.

Lux fabric awning

Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor

The blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor was a key trend at all the world’s best furniture shows. Outdoor furniture pieces no longer have a distinct look but instead mirror the style and look of their indoor equivalents. Expect to see smoother finishes in teak, non-traditional materials such as ceramic table tops and next-generation fabrics that are just as soft as their indoor counterparts.

Clients are also looking for ways to visually connect their indoor spaces to their outdoors spaces. This can easily be achieved in a number of ways; the addition of few cushions in your outdoor lounge, use of greenery inside and “ceilings” over outdoor areas to visually extend living areas. A great way to create the illusion of a ceiling is through the use of a Luxaflex awning, which can be motorised to create shade or shelter as required.

TRIBU 2015 natal alu sofa03

Soft comfort

As outdoor spaces steadily evolve into second living rooms, so too has the desire for soft comfort. We are seeing a huge move towards lounging styles with soft cushions that equal the comfort of your indoor lounge. Pieces such as the Tribu Natal Alu Sofa uses advanced technologies to create a luxurious feel while being incredibly durable in an outdoor environment.

Natural textures and colours

Natural textures and colours continue to dominate the look and style of outdoor furniture. There has been an evolution of materials used, with neutral tones now being the preferred option. Just as with indoors, interest is being created with tonal layering of different textures.

Jati Axial Beja 1

Mixing materials

The mixing of materials is a big trend this year with brands such as Jati & Kebon expertly pairing contrasting materials like teak and aluminum together. Mixing materials allows you to blend many styles together to create a unique and personalised look. It also has the added benefit of making it easier to incorporate new furniture pieces into existing settings. A much-loved teak table can be freshened up and modernized with the addition of new Jati & Kebon Beja Dining Chairs.

Sustainability and Durability

Sustainability continues to be a big focus for outdoor furniture which ties directly into durability. All the top furniture brands are investing heavily into research and technology to create products that will last season after season.

Sp fu New 3 1518187988

Inspiration from other industries

Last but not least, there has been a huge move towards incorporating ideas from fields outside of furniture. Designers are looking towards the architecture and nautical industries, taking the best technologies and design styles to create innovative pieces of outdoor furniture. Woven styles reflecting the ropes used on sail boats are dominating this year and feature on many of our new season pieces such as the Diphano Newport Sofa. Just like soft cushions, woven pieces provide a softer more organic look to complement aluminum and teak elements.

If you would like some help achieving your dreams for your outdoor space then get in touch with one of our experienced furniture consultants for a personalised in-home consultation.

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